Busu and The Damask Drum

A classic farce and a tragic ghost story adapted by Yukio Mishima.
An irreverent, playful take on the traditional Kyogen and Noh plays, presented with a contemporary twist incorporating Japanese folkloric music. Thought-provoking and celebratory.


a classic Kyogen farce

The Damask Drum

a tragic ghost story

Inspired on Zeami's Aya No Tsuzumi, Busu and The Damask Drum was originally adapted by Yukio Mishima for the modern stage.
Hailed as a double bill of miniature Japanese gems, this production takes an irreverent, playful approach on the traditional Japanese forms.
It incorporates Awa Dance (Japanese summer folkloric dance), traditional Noh and contemporary Japanese practices to create a show that is fun, celebratory and thought-provoking.

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Busu & The Damask Drum previews at Quay Arts & Soho Theatre London before it hits Scotland for the 70th Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Isle of Wight

Quay Arts Centre

9 August


Soho Theatre

11 August


Greenside venues

14-26 August

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Busu Theatre is proud to join forces with StoneCrabs to develop and bring a double bill of short Japanese classics to the stage at the 70th Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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Busu Theatre is an all-female company who met at StoneCrabs Theatre workshops in Tokyo, they have all worked with Anemoi Program and/or Caramelbox Theatre companies and have a desire to turn the traditional Japanese forms upside down, using dance, movement and language to break form and create a truly international experience that transcends borders and languages.

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